UFO Sighting in Calera, Alabama on July 16th 2014 – Star-like object appears in clear blue sky and ascends quickly out of sight.

My wife and I were enjoying the afternoon in our back yard. The sky was crystal clear and it was around 7:35pm. I sat down on the patio chair and happened to look up and see a passing airliner overhead (it was very high…probably 35k-40k ft). There was a very bright star-like object seemingly not far from the plane. I told my wife to have a look at the star and even mentioned how odd it was for it to be so bright considering how much daylight was left. As we both were watching, the airliner passed overhead and the object quickly ascended and dimmed until out of sight. It did not move laterally at all. It was quite obvious that it ascended at a high rate of speed. My wife and I could only look at each other in amazement and confusion and ask ourselves what it was that we saw. It ascended out of sight apprx. 10 seconds after the airliner passed by it. With 100% certainty I can say that it was not a star, plane, nor satellite. It didn’t dawn on us what we were witnessing until it was gone, thus no pictures or videos were taken.

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