UFO Sighting in London, on July 2nd 2014 – A disc on edge less than 200 feet away with 12 lights in groups of three rotating around the disk

I was sleeping in my bedroom when I felt an strong urge to look up and out of my bedroom window. This was unusual as it was approximately 3.30am in the morning. Immediately I noticed a large disc on edge less than 200 feet away with 12 small white lights in groups of three, rotating around the disk travelling across my line of sight, just above the rooftops.
My first reaction was “wow there’s a UFO” with ABSOLUTELY no chance of mis-identification.
I would estimate that it was between 100 and 200 feet in the air and the disc looked like it was on edge with the small white lights in triangular groups of three rotating about the center of the disk. I got the impression I was looking at the bottom of the vehicle.
I was very surprised that I had woken up just as this UFO flew past my window , I now feel that this was not a coincidence. My wife heard me wake and state “wow look a UFO!”but she did not look up and went back to sleep. The craft traveled completely silently across my field of vision from the northeast to an eastern direction less than 200 feet above the rooftops in less than 10 seconds disappearing behind the trees in the back gardens.
The whole event happened to quickly for any picture to have been taken.
However I am sure that this was no craft of earthly origin.

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