UFO Sighting in Utah on July 15th 2014 – The sun was setting and as I took a picture the orb showed up. I also took a photo tonight in Oregon & got a green round orb and as the sun came closer to us the orb appeared to have a pink shape over it

Driving though Utah to Idaho

After I took the picture I looked at it and noticed the orb and it seems to be keeping up with us through Idaho, which I did not get a pic of it but now in Oregon it is here once again

I could not see it with my own eyes oh in an image

It first appeared as a standstill pink glowing orb with a green round dot in it wnd then te reflection of the photo I am sending there are rainbow reflections bouncing off the sun

In Oregon tonight I first captured it as a green orb then again as a pink blur moving closer to the sun and finally the pink glowing orb with a green round dot inside of it. I would be glad to send you those images as well

The drive was beautiful in Utah and there was a sensation of belonging, peace and comfort to the land. I felt very calm and after words I felt in awe because it was so beautiful

Weird thing is at night I got an image of a strange bird like image that looked like clouds. Though in one of my photos and this I saw in real life not after the picture was taken but it had two green glowing eyes. It seemed like I should have been afraid though I thought it was amazing and I felt this weird feeling of heaven and hell like the struggles our ancestors had gone through in the way past. Though a feeling of balance of good and bad was still with me. It was a really neat sight to see

I would gladly send you them if you would like

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