UFO Sighting in Caret, Virginia on July 17th 2014 – Football shaped red fireball, flashing and then disappeared behind tree line

I was on my front porch smoking when I saw a flashing red light out of the corner of my eye. I saw a red football shaped object in front of the tree line. It was completely silent and moved back behind the trees and I could no longer see it. It was the strangest thing that I have ever seen. My boyfriend and I went into the house and got our guns and flashlights before going out to look and see if there was any evidence on our property. We walked through the yard where the object was seen. We didn’t see anything but had an eery feeling and were both very scared. We heard a noise in the direction the object was in that sounded like something dropped and got even more freaked out. Our 2 children were in the house and I got very worried that something could happen to us and our kids would be all alone. We do live near Fort A.P. Hill where they do test different weapons and aircraft. We have seen a lot of things in the sky that have come from there but this didn’t appear to be anything that originated on earth or from A.P. Hill.

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