UFO Sighting in Memphis, Tennessee on May 7th 1992 – Round white glowing sphere with whurls of light and energy surrounding it.

On May 7, 1992 a smaller Orb UFO that was white, round, ball of light and energy traveled over Frayser just above the tree tops the size of a beach ball (3 to 5 feet diameter) traveling in the morning at 3 to 5 mph and was observed by me. I first saw it at the area of New Allen Rd and Frayser Blvd. while taking my morning walk. It was noticed over a large field travelling over a lone tree near Frayser Blvd. heading slowly south over a residential area. It was a quarter of a mile from some power lines that also crossed Frayser Blvd. on a North-South direction. It possibly higher than I estimated and larger but it seemed to be above the tree. There was no trail behind it and it was moving slowly. The sky was clear with no noticeable wind. I believe it has something to do with the 1964 “Moon of Memphis” UFO that I observed years before because the UFO spirits that I was hearing in my mind seem to talk about it. From the 1964 UFO event, if you take the mathematical sin(64) = .92 and the numeric sum of Frayser equals 92. I believe that the God mind of the Frayser community was honoring this neighborhood of Memphis, TN (USA); if you take 1992 – 1964 = 28 which is the sum of the digits of my birthdate 11-04-1957 = 28 and the numeric sum of the word “Eden”. If you take the numeric number of the month of May (5) and add to the digits of the year 1992 you get 26 which is the sum of the word “God”; if you add the digits of the date 5-7-1992 then you get 33 which is the sum of the word “Amen”. It is interesting to note that my grandfather who once lived in Frayser died at age 92 and maybe this little Orb UFO was his spirit. I call this little orb UFO the “Frayser Fireball”. The “Frayser Fireball” UFO seems to relate to the “Moon of Memphis” UFO enough to suggest that it was created by God or the larger “Moon of Memphis” UFO for me to witness and report on. The numerology related to it makes it a miracle given to me. I sensed that I was meant to view this 1992 UFO like I was meant to view the 1964 UFO.


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