A Big Purple Mothership was the last thing Lenny expected to see when he went out four-wheeling. 

The clouds were large and full on a seasonal April day in 2012. Late in the day many of the puffy clouds took on a pinkish cast as the sun got lower in the sky.

On a farm near Greenwich, NY, eleven year old Lenny was enjoying some last minute fun on his four-wheeler. Suddenly the youth began to hear an odd humming noise. Thinking there was a problem with his single rider vehicle, he stopped to see what was wrong. But when Lenny shut off his ATV the humming continued but seemed to be above him.

“I looked up and there it was directly above me, a huge UFO was coming out of a cloud toward me.” Lenny explained.  The boy tells us that it took several minutes for the object to leave the cloud.

He describes the UFO as purple, the back of it was round and a long neck was attached to it with a cockpit like structure on the end. The craft had three markings on its side.

Lenny’s eyes got wide as he further described the UFO.  “It was enormous; it was longer than our 10 acre field.”

As the huge craft hovered above the field where the youth was standing another remarkable thing happened.  “Another smaller purple UFO, a smaller one, came out of the bigger craft.”

He describes the small of the two objects as the size of the family’s Cape-Cod farm house. He also says that this craft was shaped similar to a conventional airplane.

“The smaller craft flew off in a westward direction,” he said.

Shortly afterwards Lenny noted that the Mothership did a dip toward, the ground. Then it brought itself up vertical and started spinning in a 360 degree motion. He saw what he could only describe as a bluish glow around it. As the craft spun faster Lenny could hear an odd noise building up as the spin got faster and faster.

“Suddenly there was another loud noise and the craft shot straight up into the sky and was gone in a matter of a minute.” Lenny said.

Lenny’s dad tells us, “My son was eleven at the time. He was very scared and in tears. In the time since the sighting, he hasn’t changed his story. Every detail, from start to finish, he tells the same regardless how many times you ask him about it. He is a good kid, who would never make this sort of thing up. He thought he was going to die right there in our backfields.”

Source: http://www.syracusenewtimes.com/2012-ufo-big-purple-mothership/

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