UFO Sighting in Hampstead, Maryland on July 4th 2014 – Red-orange UFO appears from NW and travels SE before fading to white and then disappearing

My husband and I were on our front porch in Hampstead, Carroll County, MD watching fireworks straight across the street. Our main road runs NW to SE. In the Northwestern part of the sky a bright red-orange orb appeared out of nowhere. I pointed it out to my husband, who also observed this orb. We then watched it travel from NW to SE for approximately 30 seconds. The object traveled in a straight line and went from red-orange, to orange-yellow, then white in color before slowly fading away. This object grabbed my attention because it was so large and quickly became the brightest thing in the sky. It did not look like a star, a meteor, fireworks, or anything else we have ever seen in the sky.

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