UFO Sighting in Huron, Ohio on July 17th 2014 – A unexpected event that still has me wondering what it was?

Drinking coffee at approximately 5:20 am,July 17th leaving for work. Looking at half moon in south sky over house. Noticed bright star in south west horizon. First thought it was Venus but realized Venus would be in the eastern horizon.[morning star]Have seen Venus the evening star in same location before. I then turned around looking at the whole sky and did see Venus in the eastern horizon. Realizing this I turned back and saw this bright star like object rising into the sky. At first I thought it was the space station or satellite orbiting over me.Then I thought it was a plane but as it went overhead I saw no flashing lights or noise.It was hard to tell the size or altitude because it was dawn and the sky light was changing.It disappeared through the clouds in the Northeastern sky like a bright star.It was slow smooth straight and steady.All day I thought about this,do satellites orbit from southwest to northeast ? A flying object with no flashing lights? I have never seen nothing like this before ? At cloud level? My wife said NASA has space craft they are flying? Now ill be watching the sky and have my camera ready.

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