Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on UFOs

Initially he explains what ‘Argument of ignorance’ means. He himself then goes on to display an arrogant argument of ignorance.

-People see strange lights in the sky, and INSTANTLY claim that they are aliens.
This is not true. There are many UFO reports of advanced aircraft where the witness did not make an assumption of ownership.
Most people seem to be convinced based on other factors (such as reports from credible/reputable people, friends, family – military/govt reaction – characteristics of UFOs etc), rather than simply seeing something they couldn’t explain.

-This is because of a psychological problem. An example of this is Chinese whispers.
The effect of Chinese Whispers is not relevant to someone seeing a UFO.
In CWs.., the OP only speaks once.., while the message is transferred from person to person.
With a UFO sighting, the report is made 1st hand.

-If u see an alien/ship.., it is an optical illusion, or brain failure.
Currently being discussed here http://www.alien-ufos.com/ufo-alien-…ypothesis.html

-If you see an ET craft, you need to prove it. Other scientists will always require proof before discussing the subject.
Proof is needed before acceptance of the idea. This can be done by distracting the aliens by telling them to “look over there” while you grab evidence.

I don’t know what to say about this.

-Astronomers see less UFOs than the general public. This is because they know what they are looking at.
They “look up ALL the time”.

Although most UFO sightings that appear to look like comets and stars etc. WOULD be less with astronomers.., flying discs etc may not.

They are not looking up all the time.
And when they are.., the majority of the time they are only seeing a small fraction at one time, through their telescope.

1 hour thru a telescope == 5-10% of visible sky.
1 hour walk home == 100% of visible sky.
Who has more chance to see an airplane?

-He then states that a police officer/pilot should not be considered credible, because people’s minds are bad regardless.
Unless you’re an astronomer or scientist? (As above).

-ETs would land in Time Square.
This is an arrogant assumption, as shown here http://www.alien-ufos.com/ufo-alien-…y-et-race.html

-Roswell was not an alien ship because alien ships do not crash.
Another arrogant assumption.

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