UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on July 19th 2014 – A white blip occurred, then turned red.

First and foremost I had witnessed an object like this on November of last year, 2013. In November of last year the object was pulsating red light and appeared to manipulate its own light as if it were something tangible like clay. It slithered in the sky as if it were a snake, then formed into a ball of red light that shone brighter and brighter as to give a warning. It seemed that it somehow there was a connection as if telepathy, I think it read my thoughts. After the object shined the red light in a spherical shape, it suddenly turned off and decided to travel in a diagonal line path away from me; it turned from a ball of red light into a diamond shaped crystal that seemed to want to camouflage itself with the night. This had happened on November of last year, fast forward July 19 of 2014 and there was a second sighting about 10 pm after I had finished watching a movie, there was an instinct that told me to look out my balcony from my 10 story apartment. As soon as I had looked into my balcony, I saw a white blip or light shined and a red light form after it, it appeared to head towards my apartment and out of fight or flight instinct I felt somewhat threatened. I was alone in my apartment and decided to run out of my apartment a concerned neighbour opened his door to asked me what was happening, I told him I saw a UFO (un identified flying object, not a flying saucer), I used this term as to not be conclusive of what I saw, after all, it is unknown, inconclusive. The neighbour dismissed my story, told me to call the cops, closed his door and heard him say I was a nutjob. I was hesitant about going back to my apartment, I was in a shocked, scared state, I felt the thing was after me from the first sighting. I called a relative from my smartphone and told her what happened and she told me to calm down and drink a glass of water, which I did. I was scared to get near the windows, which then had to get near them to close the curtains. I noticed certain people in front of my apartment, in the building where the object appeared in front of me had seen something as they were gazing from their windows and out into their balconies. I’m sure the top floor of the building in front of me witnessed seeing the object, they were two couples in that apartment that were looking through the windows and headed to the balcony as to indicate they had seen something. I tried to make hand signals to indicate if they had seen something (I’m pretty sure they had). I’m in the process of contacting these people to share what happened. Overall I felt again, threatened and scared by this experience as this was the second time seeing this.

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