UFO Sighting in New Jersey on July 19th 2014 – Pulsating red and orange fireball observed by 4 individuals for approx. 25 seconds below cloud cover.

Retired law enforcement. My 10th incident since late 2010. This evening at 2148 hours walking out front of my house I observed from my left peripheral vision a bright light. I turned and looked and saw a vasilating very bright orange and red ball approaching from the NE quandrant of the sky at 30 degrees elevation approaching me. I observed it for about 5 seconds and recognized that it was not commercial or military air traffic due to the pulsating orange and red fireball characteristics. I am familiar with all aircraft both miltary and commercial, and have had two previous “red ball” unexplained sightings I repored before on Mufon, but this one was different. I called out to my wife and famiy after about 5 seconds of witnessing this object, knowing it was was highly unusual because of it’s color and pulsating nature. The “craft” approaced on a known path of commercial airline traffic, it held a constant heading and speed…..but it looked like a cauldron of fire, similar to the inside of a volcano….vulcanism at work. The red and orange color pulsed and made the object look like it was on fire. There was no smoke trail, or embers falling from it. I saw a very small white light flash once on the bottom edge, and a very small green light flash once to the rear edge of it as it passed over. The object was brighter from it’s forward leading edge and gradually diminished in intensity as it flew overhead at an elevation of 80 degrees and passed towards the west southwest. As it travelled away towards the SW it diminished in it’s light intensity and dwarfed to a pinoint of light, same color….and faded away. Last point of observation was approx. 45 degrees towards the SW when it winked out, similar to a satellite or the space station when they hit the line of termination. The only kicker here is that there was a high level of cloud cover, no stars present..with a lower level of fair weather clouds., altocumuous type. This craft passed under the cloud cover, and was not obscurred. This event happened in the atmosphere. It was witnessed by 4 people. I estimate the altitude of the object because of the cloud cover to be between 5-8K. At arms length it was the size of a small grape.

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