UFO Sighting in Amersfoort, Utrecht on May 27th 2012 – Transparent rectangular ufo right overhead

I was gardening in a crouched position in my back yard, it was still very much light outside. For some unknown reason I looked up to the sky, seeing to my amazement a rectangular transparent object, pretty flat, coming up from behind the neighbours’ treetop, flying or rather floating a straight path to the NE, right over my head. A rectangular object, as if made of plexiglass or something similar, with a circle of bright white light in the middle and some greyish/metallic construction/beams could be seen along the sides on the inside. It didnt seem to be manned or made to be. It seemed really close which made me think at first it wasnt that big and flying low, like a helicopter. Later I began to doubt this as I found other reports from the Netherlands which sounded like the same thing, but those people said it must have been a bigger object, as big as or bigger than a plane. My main reason for iniatially assuming it couldnt be bigger than a helicopter was disbelief actually, “how could no one see this”. Well I did find a report from the other side of town describing what could’ve been the same thing seen from the side; more of a rod shaped thing.

I felt disbelief at first when I saw it, then I thought ” is this what they, whomever they be, are watching us with now”. I tried to distinguish anything that would tell who made and controlled it, but there was nothing.

I lost sight of it as it continued on it’s way in a straight unwavering path, dissapearing behind backyard fences of neighbouring houses. It made no sound at all, i tried to listen for any hums or anything while it was overhead but nothing. No exhaust. The only feature that “did” something involving energy seemed to be the light glowing in the middle, for there was nothing else visible that would be present in or on the object. The whole thing looked like it consisted of only three features: the outer rectangular shell looked made out of plexiglass or glass, there were the beams along the insides which looked like they were there to hold the construction, and the white circular light in the middle of the object.

The drawing I made of it is actually two drawings in one; the top part is how it looked while overhead, the bottom part is how it looked like while flying away. I apologize for the fuzzyness, it is bcause I had to take a picture of the drawing with my phone to get it onto the computer.

*I put “reflective” for the object’s surface, but was just transparent, see-through, no color in it at all.

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