UFO Sighting in California on June 21st 2014 – Orange orb in sky and weird light in field afterwards

My friend and I were sitting outside around 1AM and I first noticed a bright orange orb-shaped object fairly low in the sky. It either hovered stationary or was possibly coming forward, but never seemed to move from side to side. We witnessed it change in size and light intensity. It got brighter and disappeared and reappeared several times before it vanished. Nearly a second or two later, an unexplained searchlight pointed upwards from the ground in the field behind my house (which is fenced in) and reflected off the nearest building for several seconds. No noise was heard by either lights and there were no people from where the search light came from in the field. Both events gave us an eerie feeling. Also strange was that there was no noise or wind or animal noises and the crickets stopped chirping when this was happening.

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