UFO Sighting in Chandigarh, Chandigarh on December 7th 2003 – Exactly Starlike 2of Them Moving towrds echodr stopin nd reversin did 5 to 6 timz nd Vanishd

Hello firstly its not Hoax though its years back incident and why I am reportin Now ? As in INDIA where I belong So I learnd about this Organisation through History Channel Today braoscasted here today- anyways its been few years so I’m nt abl to recollect exact time nd year but it was winters here and after ending up a night party Me and My cousin as we both were running a Party Club we with are friends went to near by hilly area to have get together let me make it clear that I’m a Teetotaler and we had parked our cars in an open area and all started with their drinks and time passed and as I don’t consume alchohal was doin star gazzin and then what I saw was unbelievabl in Sky full of Stars I Saw 2star lik objects traveled towards each other and stopd for few seconds nd Reverse back the way we revers our cars which shoked me as I was wondering how can it be possible its possible that two flying objects reverse without changin their track ,so I called upon my cousin and other friends nd as he was in his sencz he to noticed it we all were in shocked this was repeated by those onjects 5 to 6 tymz and den the objects disappeard without track this incident left me clueless and with a belief that their are things beyound our imaginations and iam sure it was No aircraft’or any other defence experiment and that incident is so fresh in my mind till thate that I still look out for anythin as such in sky, and we guyz use to visit that spot for mre outings but nevr again thing lik this evr occurd in my life -So That’s my as their we had no high resolution camera with us so no recording possible but my words are my true statement So kindly do revert if you explain this occurance or anythin I can revert back to U for do get bak fr the same ..Regrds

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