UFO Sighting in Nashville, Tennessee on July 20th 2014 – My dog barked at it, I thought it was a plane as we are in a flight path. I looked up, and that was no plane!!

I left my dog on the deck while I was inside cooking, as I normally do on beautiful clear sunny days. We are in the flight path of many planes and my dog usually barks at them flying overhead because they get relatively close. All the sudden I hear him barking unusually aggressively. I walked outside and heard no plane sounds, but looked in the direction of my dogs vision and there it was. It was hovering in the SE sky at around 6pm CST and it seemed like the busy sunday plane traffic had halted. It hovered for about 5 mins then gained altitude to above a planes normal cruising altitude. Me and the neighbors saw 3 “propellant glows” behind it in pyramid form that looked somewhat similar to the Space Ship Endeavors. It left towards the Eastern sky only to get smaller and smaller and ultimately looked like a nighttime star (at 6pm), then completely disappeared. I have 5 pictures, but will submit only one. The rest will be submitted upon request.

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