UFO Sighting in Hadera, on January 31st 2014 – I was lying in bed, looking out of the window and suddenly, I witnessed some sort of a glowing blue-white ball just going down (It went down like an arrow)

1. I was at home (an appartment in a 4 story building, top floor). I was just surfing the internet in my phone and then, I looked outside the window (from my right) and saw a really strong glowing ball, blue-white just going down fast (from west to south-east). I saw it only for a couple of seconds, but I know I saw this.
2. It was around 01:15 AM so it was very dark. I noticed it beacause it was glowing really strong
3. Being a fan of all related to the universe, extraterrestrial life, etc. made me immediatley think ‘Aliens’. However, it could have been a ball lightning. I strongly doubt it has been a man-made object like a flare, for example.
4. It was only for about a second. A ball like object glowing purely in light blue going down pretty fast from west to south-east, leaving no trail behind.
5. I was, at first ‘What Is This Thing?’. I got up of bed, approached the window and scanned any spot, looking for more. I wasn’t scared, but rather ‘thrilled’, thinking myself, wow, my first UFO. I told a couple or 3 friends of mine about it. I was really thinking about it for a few days.
6. My window just blocked the view, and that is why I got to witness it for a mere moment.

I honestly don’t know what I saw, but I did see something. Filling this report right now, a few months after the incident, mystery and a bit of anxiety are coming up. If I will witness anything else, I will report the following day.

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