“Alien Life May Only Be Found On Worlds Possessing Oceans…”

“Alien Life May Only Be Found On Worlds Possessing Oceans…”

Oceans needed for alien life? Study says look for water on other worlds

By James Maynard
Tech Times

     Alien life may only be found on worlds possessing oceans of water, a new computer study concludes. These large bodies of water could also provide astronomers with a way to find living worlds beyond our solar system.

The virtual models showed how large oceans moderate global temperatures and conditions. On Earth, seasons would come on much faster, with greater extremes of temperatures, without its large quantity of water. Life is more likely to exist on similar planets, the models showed.

Astronomers are trying to find as many planets as they can within the “habitable zone” around other stars. However, the simulations showed that without large bodies of water, life on another world would likely be quickly wiped out by extreme temperatures. . . .

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