UFO Sighting in Halifax, North Carolina on February 13th 2013 – Vehical traveresed left to right, 0 noise, no vertical stab, small red light in rear

I was walking my dog in the back field. First saw the object as a pale green bubble shaped light over distant tree line. I live under a military restricted airspace so I assumed it was military. The vehicle passed in front of me from left to right at approximately 500 feet and a half mile distant in a straight and level attitude making NO sound either airframe nor power plant. I think the green light was instrument lights reflecting off the canopy. As it passed from my sight I saw a small red light in the back. My only thought was that what ever I saw was beyond the norm. The total lack of sound and it’s speed (250-300mph) made me take in every detail I could. The profile as I saw it made me think I was seeing it edge on. The object flew out of sight over a tree line about a mile distant.
In a conversation with a distant neighbor about a month later she told me that she has seen the same object.

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