UFO Sighting in Middletown, Delaware on July 23rd 2014 – very bright red light flashed four times traveling at a impossible speed

Very bright red light traveling so fast that when I seen it, it took less than 3 seconds and it was gone from my sight. I first notice a red light over amazon in middletown then light was gone then light flashed again in less than a second far from amazon closer to me then the next time it flashed it was directly to my right very large bright red light that left a trial the next time I seen it, it had moved so fast that the time it took me to move my head to try and see it flash, only my side vision was able to see it flash to the right of me and if I had to guess, at least 3 miles in the sky in less that a split second, I have never seen anything in my life move so fast it shook me up a bit to see it. It all happened so fast if I blinked I would have missed it. This object had no white light for traveling at night only a flashing red light.

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