UFO Sighting in Port Charlotte, Florida on September 18th 2013 – orange glowing object observed low to the ground. unlike any ufo ever seen or heard of before. seen with 9 other people.

It was around 4a.m. on September 18th, 2013. Me and 8 other friends had a get together that night and were outside in the driveway looking up at the stars. The majority of us were centered close together at the top of the driveway, looking up at a star that looked like it was flashing all types of different colors. Then suddenly, our friend that was positioned at the end of the driveway suddenly shouted “what is that”? Since there was a palm tree obstructing our view we had to run to his possition. Then we all seen the UFO! At first it almost looked like the space shuttle shooting accross the sky because of the orange like flames coming off the back of it. But them it got weird! The object seemed to transform. Almost like Starfield camouflage. I can only describe it as an object, that had orange flames coming off the rear, some sort of camouflage in the center, and an orange light at the front. It moved at a slow upwards angle then started to slowly bank right, coming torwards us. Suddenly a car came down the street and we took our eyes off of it for a second and then it was gone.

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