UFO Sighting in Felton, Delaware on July 22nd 2014 – Observed in sky out my open front window

Was getting ready to go to bed at 11:15pm and looked out the window at sky to see if it was cloudy or not. Saw a bright light coming in a northeast to southwest direction. Window was open as it was a nice night and we had shut the A?C off. There was no noise from the object. It had no FAA required lights. Just this white light. As I watched, a meteorite shot past in a opposite direction crossing the path of the light. The light passed out of sight over my house and there was never a noise. We live near a air base and I was in the Air Force. We have C-17 and C-5M aircraft at the base. But these are large transport craft. There were no other planes in the area at the time. all was quiet. This is the second time I have observed a questionable sighting were I live. The first was about 10 years ago in the daytime. I saw a shiny craft at high altitude in the southwest sky that just seem to gain more altitude and disappear in to the cloud ceiling. Also no noise then either.

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