UFO Sighting in Princeton, West Virginia on July 21st 2014 – ufo over southern wv???

on 07/21/14 around 9pm a tv show i watch was coming on when the dog needed to go outside. before i go on, i grew up near the local airport, so i know what landing gear lights look like, altitudes of planes, gas or jet motors etc. so i take the dog out and im standing on the front porch and i notice 2 sets of lights, one traveling north the other east. they were close, i honestly thought i was about to see a mid-air collision. the 1st object stayed its course while the 2nd passed by and started a turn towards the 1st obect. what i noticed about the 1st object was its lights, 3 whites and 3 white lights below in a rectangle pattern. i watched it for a few seconds then i decided to get off the porch to get a better view. by this time the 2nd object had caught up to the 1st and unless it was military, was following the 1st object VERY close. with the jet noise and light pattern, the 2nd object was obviously a jet. so i go out in the yard as the 2 pass overhead and over my house, at this point a large pine tree obstructed my view. this is also where the separation occured. when i next saw them the jet had turned and was headed southeast, the 1st object headed south then turned and headed southwest, at this point i saw my brother [vet crew chief usaf] in the house and called him out. he said that was NOT a jet. it then went into a cloud bank and behind mountaian out of view.

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