UFO Sighting in Blackpool, on July 6th 2014 – Unidentified Crafts fly by UK 2014

The event started as I was sat on the back step of my garden, having just finished a cup of coffee I was waiting for one of my friends to arrive before I began my workout at the makeshift gym that’s inside my garage.

My friend was running late so I sat enjoying the sun and carried on gazing into the sky as I often do, I then received a message from my friend saying “I��� am almost at yours now, just seen those strange orbs again”.

At this point I decided to stand up and move into the center of the garden as my view to the West was obscured by the conservatory and the view to my East was blocked slightly by the garage.

I��� am well accustom to seeing planes flying through the sky at all times of the day including military, commercial and civilian flights all at varying altitude and flight paths, however after looking around for a couple of minutes I did notice something odd.

What I saw was a small circular object coming from the North East, it was moving at a steady speed travelling South in the distance. I was and still am for that matter unsure of whether this was simply a sort of optical illusion or reflection from a commercial airliner due to the sunlight.

I attempted to video this object a couple of times however it would not appear on the screen. In response I decided to take some pictures instead hoping for better results and I managed to snap a few pictures. (18:16-18:17)

This object carried on south and approximately 6 minutes later the second larger orb came into view travelling the same sort of flight path, this object was noticeably larger than the last and I wanted to try and identify it.

In order to get a better look I ran inside and grabbed an old monocular (used to be binoculars but it broke) using this I got a much better view of the object which had now picked up speed slightly.

The object itself was quite odd, I had seen quite a few planes flying over as I was sitting outside earlier and they all have some distinguishing features regardless of their distance, whether it be the things like the general shape of a known aircraft or simply seeing contrails, it is generally not too difficult to identify an airliner.

However this object seemed to lack a rigid outline that I could identify. As I was watching it move I was also recording with my phone which struggled to focus on the object itself, oddly enough I also found it difficult to focus on the object using the monocular, Its appearance was fuzzy at best and to make matters worse my phone abruptly halted its recording after about 30 seconds informing me that the memory was too low to continue.

I did as mentioned get about 30 seconds of footage although only a couple of frames are actually in focus on the object, I also made sure to look down during the recording so the garage roof can be seen in order to give some sort of perspective of distance and possibly size and speed.

3 minutes after the second craft had passed by (18:25) I saw a third craft moving across the same flight path again, this object was flatter more streamlined and as such looked to be closer to what is recognizable as an aircraft.

During this period I was calm and was simply trying my best to get some decent footage or at least identify the object myself, I lost sight of the objects as they maintained their courses South.

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