UFO Sighting in Gunnison, Colorado on September 1st 2013 – While hunting I noticed a storm approaching and glassed it to see if I would need to head back to camp. As I did the strange object appeared in the clouds emenating some kind of plume under it.

Bow Hunting 2013 September 1st at an elevation of 10800 feet and very remote country.
An approaching storm had me worried about possible lightning when I noticed the object.
Witnessed a strange object that hovered and changed directions while emanating some kind of plume under it. Through binoculars it appeared to be a disc shape but it seemed to try and stay in the cloud formation.
Was very large in size.
Object seemed to hover then move slowly within and around cloud formation.
After observing it for a few minutes it left a plume trail and caused the cloud area it passed through to have a trailing effect.
Very weird and strange…
The most alarming thing was how large it was as I was over 1 mile away and it looked very large. Really was not scared but more curious as to what it could have been.
UFO or natural I guess I will never know.

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