UFO Sighting in Indiana on June 30th 2007 – explination of sightings in aria

Over the 12 mile Indiana aria several years ago there were numerous sightings of large objects at 1000 too 3000 foot all with bright white lights. They were there most nights for around a month. The lights were acompanied by the sound of fighter aircraft in the aria.
In the early hours of morning I was called to a customers sight to do electronic repairs. At several miles out and just before the intersection of SR25 and SR16 one of the objects was having problems staying in the air. I drove to within 1000 foot of the object at an altitude around 600 to 700 foot. The object had proportions compared to pop can.
It had a definite sound of a small 4 stroke engine and propeller and appeared to be made of tile.

This object was man made and appeared to be a blimp. it was having problems and my speculation was it had something to do with radar. I watched the object for some time and then went on to the job. Returning several hour later i returned to see the object over several miles to the east, still just a few hundred foot up.

I did not investigate further as i did not want to explain myself to the military. I hope that this is not mistaken as someone just furthering a cover up but that is what it was. a blimp, military in origon, probably radar related.

This is not a question of ufo’s but an explanation of sightings in the aria
at the time.

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