UFO Sighting in Vandenberg AFB, California on April 7th 2014 – A sphere of blinking colored lights that moved fast and in difrent directions.

At some time around Midnight or maybe a bit later myself and a coworker were outside at the smoking area on a break smoking. You see I work midshift in communications at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Often times when I go out to smoke I like to look at the stars if it is a clear night, so I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what stars I usually see at various times at night and where they are positioned. Anyhow on this particular night I notice what appeared to be a star but it was out of place meaning I don’t recall seeing a star in the position it was in. So I watched it a bit closer and noticed it was changing colors. I could faintly see it go from white to green and then red and blue and orange and back to white. I really didn’t keep track of any particular order however. So I said to my coworker “check that out, that seems a bit out of place doesn’t it” and he said “it looks like a star and I said no its changing colors look closely and I don’t recall any stars there at that elevation”. So then I thought maybe it is just a plane (that would explain the lights) but it didn’t move for 5 or maybe 8 minutes. So I said that cant be a plane it isn’t moving. Now the position of it, the best way I can describe is it was directly in line with the peak of a tree that is on the other side of the RADOMES in between the two of them SW in direction but above the tree and a fair bit above the tree. So I turned to talk to my coworker (not looking in the direction of the Object) for about 20 or 25 seconds (or maybe less than that) and when I turned back the object was now suddenly below the peak of the tree in between that tree and another tree. I don’t mean directly in between them, it was a long ways off but the view of it was now in between the trees. So I said to my coworker hey look at that it seems to have moved and fast. So him and I both watched the object now not taking are eyes off it. All of the sudden it looked like it was going out further (getting farther from us if you will but not going left or right just away) and pretty fast. Then lights went white and then all of the sudden no light just black night sky as if it just disappeared. then within a second or 2 of it going black the light came back on real bright white then turned off again a few seconds later and it seemed to be moving back towards us. It then did the same thing as I just said, went further out light to no light then back on again. After this sequence it was gone I dint see it again.

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