Black Triangle Sighting in Dallas, Texas on June 13th 2014 – A lighted craft hovered 1 mile above me as I was walking alone at 11 pm.

I observed this true event at 11:00 pm on Friday night, June 13, 2014, one-half mile from my home in northeast Dallas, Texas near Hexter Elementary School. I had walked to Gold���s Gym at Northcliff & Buckner at 9:30 pm and had left at 10:50 pm. The sky was clear, with a full moon and no wind, and there was not the usual city traffic noise.
As I was walking roundabout back to my house, a lighted craft suddenly appeared high over me at Northlake near Peavy. This occurred within the usual flight path of airplanes originating from south Texas and landing at Love Field; however, I believe that most scheduled Southwest Airline flights had finished for the night. At first, I thought it was an airplane, but the object actually stopped directly above as I was walking alone in the middle of the street. I instantly felt that it had seen me on the roadway in the full moonlight; otherwise, why would it have positioned itself there ��� coincidence? The craft was about one mile straight up, with the apparent size of a large corporate jet. (I have since studied airplanes flying overhead to confirm this perceived altitude and size.)
It had extremely bright lights of pure colors, the brightest I have ever seen and the most beautiful red and green. There were no Federal Aviation Administration navigation lights apparent ��� specifically, green on the starboard, red on the port, flashing strobes on the wingtips, with fore and aft white lights as required below 10,000 feet altitude. Its lights were arranged in a nonsensical pattern as in the attached diagram, with the red lights pulsing every two seconds ��� this appeared to be the front. The green lights were steady and appeared to be the sides. The body of the craft was not visible as a silhouette against the sky because of the bright lights. It had a clear-cut, garish carnival midway appearance ��� there was no vagueness at all. I immediately realized that this was not an airplane, so I quickly stepped under a front yard tree on Northlake to hide from its view.
The object circled, did figure-8s, hovered and rocked as I watched from between the leaves. It emitted a very faint but perceptible whirring sound from high up, similar to an electric motor brush. (Here, I had both eye and ear confirmation of a materially structured mechanical craft, and of its apparent vertical distance above.) Then, I reasoned that if whatever was controlling this thing had infrared vision that I had better get behind the wooden tree limbs, which I promptly did. The object appeared to be methodically searching the ground, so I remained cowing against the tree trunk and became a certified tree-hugger. To add to my problems, the front yard���s motion detector light turned on.
This weirdness went on for the longest three minutes, and I began to wonder how it would play out. Suddenly, without any warning, the object streaked at a downward angle, around 45-degrees, eastward toward the Lochwood Mall area. It went from directly overhead to behind the horizon tree line, traveling about a one-mile distance, at one constant and terrific speed. (Seeing this ���side of the triangle��� reinforced my directly vertical optical and audio estimate as one mile.) There was no observable acceleration against inertia or deceleration against momentum. The entire process was reminiscent of the image of a flashlight beam shined against a wall, whereby the flashlight is steadily swept across and the spotlight moves swiftly in response. There was no sound at all during the dive ��� any whoosh, sonic boom, crash or explosion ��� anything!
I have used two methods to determine and confirm the exit speed as about Mach 1. First, my daughter and I have attended the Fort Worth Alliance air show annually for about twenty years. There are always jet interceptor fly-bys at Mach 1, whereby the sound shock wave is visible forming off the fuselage. The June 13 object simply appeared to be diving that fast and that is what I settled on. Second, it took about 5 seconds for the craft to go from directly overhead, then down to the tree line, a dive distance of one mile. One mile times five seconds works out to 720 mph, or about Mach 1.
The contrast between the three-minute hovering and the five-second dive was astounding! The circling and wobbling object appeared to be silly, jerky, and almost Warner Brothers cartoonish with the super bright garish lights ��� the reds pulsing on and off, and the greens glowing steady. If I had witnessed only the hovering phase, I would not be convinced that it was not some type of aircraft. By contrast, had I seen only the five-second dive, I would not be convinced that it was not some reentering satellite debris. This exit plunge was meteor-like and almost blurred. However, both of these phases, when put together said that this was not grandma���s biscuits.
There is a saying that we should look for ponies before we look for unicorns. In the tradition of looking for ponies, immediately following the sighting I attempted to eliminate any plausible possibilities. I considered a drone as an explanation, and several other folks, including my wife, have since offered the drone scenario. This would fit the hovering and whirring electric motor sound, since several drone models are electric powered hovering devices. However, the size, altitude, lights and exit speed would rule against a drone. Drones are relatively small and slow, they fly at low altitudes, and they conserve power in order to stay on station for long periods. All of this goes against the corporate jet-size of the object, which was flying one mile up. Drones are secretive and they would not waste electrical power on bright lighting. Furthermore, no drone is streamlined or powerful; indeed, this attribute is antithetical to the stealthily purpose of a drone.
Consider the Mach 1 exit speed. All drones have propellers or rotors. No propeller driven airplane has ever achieved Mach speed and survived ��� ever! This formidable velocity requires an aerodynamic, reinforced coke bottle shaped fuselage, sweptback razor thin wings, and a turbojet engine with a powerful afterburner. Even the fabled F-86 Saber Jet and MiG 15 of Korean War vintage could not reach the speed of sound. Moreover, no aircraft ��� prop or jet ��� would have pulled out of such a steep dive at that speed.
Finally, yet importantly, all aircraft, civilian and military, CIA or FBI, drone or whatever, flying high in United States commercial airspace are required by law to conform to FAA lighting standards. This is to prevent mid-air collisions with other planes. My observed object was sitting in a main landing flight path over northeast Dallas, which would have been filled with vulnerable commercial Love Field traffic an hour earlier. It was shining and blinking bright garish lights that were arranged in the bizarre pattern illustrated in the attachment, which made no sense and conformed to no codes or regulations.
I have taken one-hour walks almost every night since we moved here in 1977 ��� 37 years ago ��� and have had an evening walking habit over a lifetime of 74 years. Nights were convenient when I worked and I have logged many hours of dark sky viewing. Except for a brief six-second glimpse of a silent dart-shaped silhouette four miles westward over the Park Cities at 8:00 pm on December 11, 2013, this was the only time that I have ever seen anything in the sky that I could not explain. The earlier December shadow traveled an estimated two miles, putting its speed at about 1,200-mph, before I lost it in the half moon���s glare. I did not think much about this first sighting because it was so distant and impersonal. Conceivably, these two observations, only six-months apart, may have been of the same craft.
Two days after my June 13 observation, I wrote a short letter to the Dallas Morning News in hopes that other witness, perhaps near Lochwood, had seen where the object went and what it did after plunging below the tree line. My letter was not published, which suggests that when these things are reported to the mainstream news media, they are laughed off. Circuitously, since no one hears about them, there is nothing to them.

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