UFO Sighting in on the way to a rainbow g, Oregon on June 28th 1981 – it hovered then made a triangle an took off straight up was reported by state troopers on Florida's turnpike .

We were hitchhiking on a road from blue rive going to council Idaho for a rainbow gathering, we were sitting on the side of the road, when we saw this light above us hovering directory above us was glowing round object making above whirling sound and then made a triangle direction, then hovered and went straight up into the sky and disappeared. I had another experience in Aventura in n.m.b. Florida about 1973 when I was sitting by the canal when I s aw a cigar Dhabi craft hovering above the area that is filled with trees and then a light appeared then all of a sudden it disappeared up into the suddenly and was gone.thats all.
I have all so seen photos of all l so lines at area 51 that were taken in secret an sent to a friend in Miami Beach, Florida were servant statements included about a crashed space craft was captured as well as deceased aliens were taken to area 51.

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