Alien Encounter in rumson nj, New Jersey on June 18th 1971 – entire family abducted

i am requesting any info about my abduction that had to be witnessed to or was involved.
this was in rumson nj 1971. as our family up from florida on vacation were headed home to stay with relatives we saw a light in the sky near the old rumson high school football field. what we saw was a craft almost as large as the field. i got out of the car and just stared at it. while staring noticed several other cars had pulled into parking lot. some crying. when i got back into the car everyone but our 5 family members were gone. i was the last of the family to get back into the car. looking out the window and noticing we were the ony ones in the parking lot pop just said they must have left. at that time and for a couple days the subject never came up. and it did not seem important to ant of us. i was the foster child of this family and they returned to florida and i stayed in nj at a new foster house. as i have gotten older now 58 i have very very memories about that night. i am out of touch with ex foster family so i don’t know how they are dealing with it or even remember it,but the memories i have are not fictitious, but kind of like you should tell someone about this. years ago i found an old apro ufo case that was submitted by my foster mother. it starts with mr. and mrs. a from florida with a drawing of the craft and a brief account of the evening. have tried to find file…kids used floppy disc for music when first got computer and lost the info. well end of story…i was in craft…sort of tortured for awhile. then one of them put his hand on my head and all pain subsided. we then spoke telepathically but after that only remember being shown parts of the universe through what seemed to be a huge window and the alien pointing and trying to describe things. i was only 16. i am reaching out for help. annoyed that i have tried to find more info about that night without a good response.

Thanks STEVE

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