Black Triangle Sighting in Citrus Heights, California on July 4th 2014 – Triangle shaped craft with multiple satelites darting off from it and randomly hovering around it.

A friend of mine and his family had just watched the fireworks from our house and we were saying our goodbyes on our driveway just before midnight. I was showing my friend and his family how beautiful the stars are at our location and was pointing out the Milky Way galaxy and other constellations. I was pointing out our house faces a north easterly position and used the point of reference for north and south with the “handle” of the Big Dipper, and then roughly by 20 degrees from my over head position directly west there was a VERY bright light that seemed to open and close as if a door had opened or closed on the object. It had the intesity of about a 1/10 of a full moon. I watched it and and as it dulled i noticed a dim light about the intensity of a satelite running across the night sky but I was struck by how slow it was moving. After my eyes adjusted after a few seconds I noticed that there were two smaller lights trailing the lead light that I had originally identified. I pointed it out to my friends who had been watching along as well. “Do you see that triangle?” Everyone agreed and we watched in disbelief. I initally thought it may have been 3 jet fighters flying together as there is a local military base that frequently flies maneuvers, but they rarely are at night and ther was no sound. Then there were these tiny spots of light even less intense theat started to dart off in random directions off the main triangle shapped object. A couple of them briefly swarmed around the triangle object for a brief few seconds and disapeared. When the object was just roughly 10 degrees past overhead to the east (roughly 3-5 minutes after initial sighting) it stopped in mid air and hovered silently for an additional 5 minuetes. Then it slowly just moved on at the same pace in an easterly direction until slowly out of site when it reached the mountain range roughly 30 miles east of our home. I felt disbelief. It was observed by 6 of us. I feel we were all a little shaken up about the experience and we hastily said our goodbyes and they drove off and I ran back in the house to check on my children who were still sound asleep in their beds.

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