UFO Sighting in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia on September 15th 2013 – i was taking pictures of cloud formations on a bright sunny day when i was devloping them was astonished to see what i captured

I was on a work assignment in Germany, photography being my hobby I was taking pictures of cloud formations with my DSLR it was a very bright sunny day. I initially took pictures of various cloud formations later while developing them I light room when I adjusted the exposure and contrast I was astonished to see what I could capture.

1.if you see what I have circled in the first pic you will see 3 rod like mini UFOs who are travelling in a straight direction.

2.later I saw a nice cloud formation from my window and was excited to take a picture in that picture I have captured 3 different UFOs these look like saucers but since they are far off at an angle you can only make out cross section. if you zoom the picture you can clearly differentiate between flying birds in vicinity 2 small UFOs and 1 larger UFO of a mother ship kind.

3.also on other day I was taking pictures of nice full moon during which I saw a dark object moving at tremendous speeds away from earth when I clicked the object was a centimeter below the lower outline of moon bz the time it was captured you can see how far it has moved. during this same time I had captured a weird looking thing travelling in the similar direction.

all the photos I have uploaded have been worked upon in light room for contrast, sharpness and exposure correction. if required I can also help with the unedited pictures.

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