UFO Sighting in Greeley, Colorado on July 6th 2014 – Saw a disc hovering and took photos before it disappeared.Video after showed very fast moving object. Stills revealed something unexplainable to me.

I was walking along the Poudre trail headed West when I thought I saw a bear in the distance. This would be unusual but not unheard of. I felt afraid and wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me. It was approximately 0730 on 7/6/14. I did not see any other people on the trail and felt very uneasy for the entire walk. I told myself that I had scared myself related to the potential bear sighting. It was a beautiful morning with no clouds whatsoever. I saw a reflection of something way up in the sky that caught my eye. When I really focused on it, it did not appear to be moving and there was no sound. I quickly took photos and told myself that I would review them when I got home. The object disappeared. I continued to walk to the west on the trail and remained very uneasy. I finally turned around and headed east. As I was walking I kept seeing flashes in the sky that I couldn’t explain. I thought maybe it was the sun and decided to take a few short videos as I walked. I saw a few bicyclists on the way back and they were very pleasant as they rode by. However,I felt almost panicked by the time I got to my car and wanted to be indoors. This didn’t make sense logically as it was a beautiful day and the people I had encountered at the end of my walk were pleasant. When I got home I reviewed the photos and video. The video shows something moving very quickly at several points and at one point there is a flash of light that moves upward after the object streaks across south west to northeast. I caught this by watching the video frame by frame. It us almost imperceptible otherwise. I felt very afraid the rest of the day and did not want to go outside that day. The feeling eased day by day after that. I have not returned to the trail since.

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