UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 12th 2013 – When taking photo of blimp. Disc shaped object appeared in one of my photos.

Was sitting on my porch on a clear day. When from the north I saw a blimp coming. I see the all the time going to the stadium. But this blimp was the new minion blimp. A character in a children’s movie. So I figured I would take a couple photos with my IPad. There was nothing in the sky but this blimp. I took one Photo and two seconds Katerina I took the next. When I looked at the blimp after taking photos. It still was the only thing in the sky. But when I looked at the photos there was an object in only one of them. A disc object with wings flying behind the blimp in a distance. It appeared to be dark gray from the picture. One wing came out of the craft a bit and turned straight up. The same with the other side. It seemed to be on an angle like as if it was making a turn. I never saw this object with the naked eye. I still have the photo if you are interested? For some reason I cannot attach the Photos. If you have an email I would really love for you to see them.

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