UFO Sighting in Wayne, Michigan on July 27th 2014 – was driving east bound on interstate 94 near willow run airport. craft flew directly over interstate in a bank and climbing. look like nick menza video on you tube.

Driving car. Lights climbing v shape or diamond formation. My son passenger side thought double bladed helicopter. I thought maybe stealth bomber. But no center red light observed on this craf. Had 6 or more yellow type lights dim. We both later agreed look like nick menza ufo july 2014 video on you tube but no lights were circling it. My son minutes before we seen this craft commented seen a light to the north like a airport search light but he said this light was not rotating but would come on and go off. But look as bright as what an airport rotating light would be. Object was climbing and banking. We felt it was maybe military. I continued driving west and son watch it in a continued bank head se away fron us until trees got in the way. Lights were still dim but bright enough to see but none were blinking like typical aircraft are required to.

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