UFO Sighting in Fall River, Massachusetts on August 18th 2012 – POSSIBLE UFO SIGHTINGS

On Saturday, August 18th, 2012, I was returning home from a Demonstration. I was heading West on 195 from New Bedford Massachusetts to Westport, Massachusetts when something in the sky over the Southwest horizon caught my eye. It was an orange/ yellow and reddish glowing ball that seemed to shoot straight up from the horizon in the Southwest over the tree line, maybe about 500 feet. So I pulled over into the breakdown lane to watch it because I thought I was imagining this. WOW a UFO I thought maybe? So I watched it do some fantastic maneuvers while I called some different people to tell them about what I was seeing!! This thing then hovered there for a couple of minutes then it suddenly darted up about another 500 feet and then darted left or to the south and hovered there. Kind of at 90 degree angle. I could not believe my eyes. I was awestruck! Then as I was watching that one another one did the same thing it shot straight up from the tree line to about 500 feet hovered then darted left or south just underneath the first one and hovered there for about 2 minutes then it darted straight up maybe about another 500 feet or so as if to be side by side with the first one and they both hovered there. Then to my surprise a treat! Up came another one, a third one! Came straight up from the horizon over the tree line to about 500 feet hovered for a few minutes then darted south just underneath the other two that were still hovering above. I thought this is amazing! I am seeing three UFO’S I am so lucky. The third one did the same as the first two. they all then were hovering in a straight row the all of a sudden they all darted south then just disappeared!!!! I will never forget this! I am not very good with dates, times and distance but I will never forget this date!!! I have no photos wish I did but I was too busy on the phone telling people what I was seeing!!

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