UFO Sighting in Filer, Idaho on July 27th 2014 – the Fastest satellite I have ever seen

Was up before 5 AM sitting on my porch. An amazingly fast moving satellite moved from right to left low in the East .. went across the Pleiades at 4:50 AM exact time .. low brightness almost dull and that color did not change with 1. its position in the sky or 2. the sun being just below the Eastern Horizon.

It must have had some sort of surface that filtered out most reflections.
The Orbit was lower than most and the speed far greater than the original plodding space shots. I dubbed this one “Jack the Ripper.”

Could this be a one orbit and “land/blow up” .. “special drop able hardware package” .. sneak info gathering space shot? If so was it ours .. across America in the dark .. taking pictures else where .. Asia?

On the 24th I had a night time view of the Milky Way Superior to anything in my life for clarity .. clouds of stars .. a trail .. and smaller clouds of stars .. etc. .. thin trails and masses.

About 15 minutes prior to the above .. 4:35 AM .. I saw a regular old fashioned satellite .. S to N .. go over at my zenith .. directly overhead. Like, I saw the old and the new in one night.

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