Aliens, the reason for their presence, studies and findings

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Let us resume the subject, finally there is material in English to be offered to those who are curious to understand something.


are an abductee Italian. I was part of a group study of 400
kidnapped in my country.

I would like to share with you the results of European research in the field of UFOs, which
arrived at conclusions different from American ones.
I hope you understand what I wrote, and that may be interesting for the reader.
I wish that the results of this amazing study on the abductees also come away from my homeland.

a power elite keeps the secret UFO.

the reasons, according to the European research:

the UFO phenomenon is linked to the abduction. are not part of the UFO phenomenon, are
the real reason why there are aliens on earth.

for those in power is fair to keep hidden the truth about UFOs.

first, the UFO phenomenon affects a small fraction of the population.

if you admit the existence of aliens, it should also explain why
their visit.
the reason it is impossible to make public, would be unacceptable.
In fact, the aliens want an energy present only in some people,
this energy is commonly called soul (formal name, is not a spiritual concept).
it seems from the research done on a group of 400 abducted that only 20%
of the population possesses this energy called soul. the rest of beings
Humans have no soul.
who is technically immortal soul.
soul is an entity that has no time axis, so it is immortal.
joins bodies biocompatible at the DNA level and records the life of the body which houses preserving the essence.
then only 20% of the world population is “immortal”.

is therefore logical to not be able to disclose this news would not be acceptable,
world society wants all men equal, you can not reveal
the presence of two different genesis.

I am absolutely sure that you will never see an alien at the supermarket
in the future, they see us as cattle to be exploited.

do not want to reproduce, make hybrid or take our resources.
they care only take the soul energy called because they do not want to die.


for those who have the patience to do so, in the following 23 videos there is a summary of all the research carried out in my country.
Each video is about a quarter of an hour long and is from 1 to more arguments.

argmomenti are strong, maybe not for everyone.

part 1

part 2
Bohm’s physics – how they are made the aliens – the Grey aliens

part 3
how they are made the aliens – the Grey aliens – the Nordic (blond with 5 fingers)

part 4
how they are made the aliens – the Nordic (blond fingers 5) – Snakes (reptilian)

part 5
how they are made aliens – snakes (reptilian) – Amphibians – the insectoid (mantids)

part 6
how they are made the aliens – the alien head in the shape of heart – the parasite light, Lux

part 7
how they are made the aliens – the parasite light, Lux – Alien extradimensional, the growl

part 8
how they are made aliens – Alien extradimensional, the growl – The alien Horus

part 9
how they are made the aliens – The alien Horus
Matrix of points of light (the soul)

part 10
Matrix of points of light (the soul) – Soul and DNA

part 11
The soul and the DNA – Fertilization alien

part 12
Fertilization alien – the microchip control

part 13
The places where many abductees, the cylinders, the operations room medice and more. – “MAA” the alien memory active – copies of the adducts

part 14
copies of the adducts – the military

part 15
as the soul is separated

part 16
regressive hypnosis

part 17
regressive hypnosis – how it is made the human being

part 18
as the human being is made

part 19
techniques to recover memories – children and aliens

part 20
children and aliens – witness

part 21
witness – the military and the aliens

part 22
intelligence and misinformation

part 23
military and experiments on abductees – the alien technology – testament to those who have listened to

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