Two New Large Holes Appear In Siberia, Locals Mystified

Two New Large Holes Appear In Siberia, Locals Mystified - July 2014
The funnel is a perfectly formed cone, say locals who are mystified at how it was formed. Its depth is estimated at between 60 and 100 metres and its diameter – more than four metres. (Credit: Local residents)

By The Siberian Times

Reindeer herders find more craters in the far north in a deepening puzzle for scientists.

    Millions of people around the world glimpsed the first giant hole after it was revealed by The Siberian Times . . .. Now news has emerged of two new similar formations in the permafrost, prompting more intrigue about their creation.

Theories range from meteorites, stray missiles, a man-made prank, and aliens, to an explosive cocktail of methane or shale gas suddenly exploding. The version about melting permafrost due to climate change, causing a release of methane gas, which then forces an eruption is the current favorite, though scientists are reluctant to offer a firm conclusion without more study. . . .

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