UFO Sighting in Mountain Grove, Missouri on July 15th 2014 – cattle mutilation

I work for a local radio station. This morning one of our local listeners, called to tell me about one of his calves. He checks his cattle every day and the other day one of his calves were missing from the herd. He couldn’t find it that day but the next day he noticed a buzzered and went to that area and found the calf in a creek bed. All the internal organs were gone, it was drained of all blood and there was nothing left but hide and bones. He said, there was a smell like a butcher shop has. He moved all his herd to another area and has sold all the calves he could as he heard that his neighbor has lost 15 calves the same way this calf has died. I asked him to contact the neighbor and get back with me. I thought you might want to check this out.

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