UFO Sighting in Sherwood, Oregon on July 27th 2014 – I observed a flame like object/orb in sky. It traveled east/se. Then about 8 min later two more. Variable speeds.

I was on my back deck observing the sky/stars/planets. Specifically, looking for the andromeda galaxy.

I noticed the object because it appeared as a flame pulsating in the sky. When I used my binoculars (bushnell H2O series 8×42) the flame was more an orange reddish aura with a super bright orange center.

I thought mabye it’s a helicopter or plane equipped with a weird light.

The first object traveled from the north portland area going e/se in a lateral direction. The next two traveled from the north portland area going e/se. One of the two in lead sped up then slowed down. Then the other sped up and slowed down to catch up to the first one. The two seemed to fly in formation.

My feelings were what the heck was that on the first one. Then oh well. Then the next two my feelings were what the heck are those? aircraft/helicopter I don’t know. I used my binoculars to get a closer look and still could not tell what the objects were. Flares, no. Balloons, no. I don’t know. When they were gone I continued to observe for my original target in andromeda.

Lost sight when objects disappeared from my sight line in sky as they continued e/se.

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