UFO Sighting in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on July 26th 2014 – Floating, pulsating orb that hovered, changed directions sharply, then disappeared

I was visiting my fiance in Williamsport, PA and we were walking home with a pizza when I noticed a prominent reddish-orange object to the north. I thought it was a plane on approach to the regional airport, but it was pulsating irregularly and didn’t seem to be moving. I stood so that a telephone pole was in the foreground, giving me a point of reference, and it indeed was not moving. As I alerted my fiance to the sight, it started drifting slowly to the left (West), crossing behind the telephone pole (distance behind pole is unknown), then changed directions towards the north. This was not a slow, wide change as a plane would make, but sudden, sharp (yet smooth) directional changes. As it was drifting to the north, it abruptly disappeared, and we did not see it again.

I am positive this object was not a plane, as, while it was not large, it was large enough that, if an incoming plane, it would have been low and therefore would be making noise, which this object did not. Also, as it charged directions, the amount of light emitted did not change, as it would with a banking plane; additionally, the light was pulsating irregularly and was a reddish-orange, uncommon for planes. Besides that, the object was hovering in place when we first spotted it, which was determined by the placement of the above mentioned telephone pole in my field of vision for a point of reference.

In an attempt to identify the object, it may have been a type of Chinese lantern, as it seemed to hover and change directions in the way I’ve seen these lanterns behave; however, Chinese lanterns usually have companions, and this light was solitary. I am sure it wasn’t a plane, helicopter, or drone of any kind, but beyond the thought of it being a Chinese lantern, I can’t say exactly what it was besides a UFO.

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