UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on July 25th 2014 – Coming out of work I witnessed UFO's

I was just getting off of work when I witnessed up in the sky a strange purple light that seemed to just be hovering and then all of a sudden came another light which was red and it was also hovering and rapidly changing directions. I thought that i was the only one witnessing this when a coworker from a distance still inside the gates if the yard where i work at yelled do you see the lights in sky!?
I was relieved that I wasn’t the only one witnessing this…I decided to pull out my phone camera and start recording what i was seeing…It all happened so quickly and i was just in shock not believing what i was seeing that i didn’t realize i was filming upside down…But if you notice once i zoom in on the video that there you can see the orb type lights and they start forming a triangle…By that time there were three lights. They all start pulsating and changing colors randomly from purple to red to green..etc.
There are other coworkers at my job that stated they saw the UFO’s as well.
The strangest thing was that when i went to a friends house that same night it occurred a friend of his mentioned he witnessed as well.
Then my friends mother also witnessed it. Another friend happened to be in a park nearby that night the sightings occurred and also witnessed it and got some really good video footage of the sighting…
Many people are telling me that they could just be drones but what i witnessed that night and all the other people that witnessed as well know that it couldn’t be no drone or anything man made…

This is all too creepy wierd…

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