Mystery of the Dying Elk: The Unexplained Files


(Picture courtesy Science Channel’s, The Unexplained Files screen grab.)

On Tuesday, July 29th 10:00pm Central time, the Science Channel premiered its second season of, “The Unexplained Files”. Their premier episode, “The Real Exorcist and Mystery of the Dying Elk” I thought was pretty good! Of course I may be biased because I had a segment in the Mystery of the Dying Elk episode. Numerous times throughout that episode I was seen stating the mysterious elk deaths may be UFO related. There’s a good reason for this, and this following blog explains why. If you have any comments, please express them at the end of the blog, and as always, all comments are welcomed good or bad. (thank you)


(Picture courtesy KRQU via YouTube screen grab.)


On August 27, 2013, a hunter on a 75,000-acre ranch north of Las Vegas, New Mexico came upon a most grueling site, more than 100 elk lay dead among the trees. With no immediate or apparent cause of death, officials with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish stepped in to take a look. Initial investigations ruled out common causes of death from predators to poachers to lighting, so on-site necropsies were soon followed.

1. 113 Elk lay dead in close proximity.
2. No immediate signs of death were determined.
3. The animals showed signs of struggling before death.

Kerry Mower, investigator for New Mexico’s Department of Game and Fish, visited the area looking for an answer. He checked for the following:
1. Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD): This is a hemorrhagic untreatable disease spread by insects.
2. Anthrax: A disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis which can be found in soil which is digested by animals through ground feeding. Very deadly to both animals and humans and used in biological warfare.
3. Water sources: Samples were taken from a natural water source and two separate cow watering troughs.
Note: Blue green algae was located in the water of the troughs which could create a neurotoxin which would be deadly to the elk, but no neurotoxin evidence was found in the water, or in the animals or even their droppings.

Out of all the checks Kerry Mower did and the lab analysis results he acquired, no direct evidence could be linked to the elk deaths; Yet the New Mexico Game and Fish department issued a statement “Toxic Algae Bloom” was responsible for their deaths even though no evidence was ever found. Why?

Interesting Facts:
1. The average size of an elk is around 500 pounds.
2. The average amount of deadly neurotoxin to kill and elk is around 3 ounces.
3. The average size of a rancher’s cattle trough can hold 100 to 500 gallons of water if plastic and 2000 gallons of water if a fiberglass model 20 feet long.
4. 113 elk lay dead all together not spread out while a herd travels.

Enter the UFO Investigator.


(Water source near area, but not on private ranch.)

Blue Green Algae was found in cattle watering troughs but not in a natural water source pictured above. Here’s the problem I have with the neurotoxin scenario.

 1. No neurotoxins were found in any water source or found during animal lab analysis.
2. If the water was poisoned, then 113 (500 pound elk) would have to drink from both cattle watering troughs at the same time to become poisoned at the same time. That’s 56,500 pounds of animals drinking from two 20 foot by 4 foot watering containers in a very short period of time.
3. All the animals needed to drink at the same time to enable them to die at the same time to be found in one location.
4. For all the animals to die at the same time, they would need to have equal body weight and equal body digestive metabolisms.
5. No other animals were found dead due to any water poisoning, Deer? Squirrels? Birds? Nothing! No other animal lives in that area?

Game and Fish Departments reasoning? Ok get ready for this:
The neurotoxins created by the Blue Green Algae have a very short life span, thus after the bacteria dies, it leaves absolutely no trace in the animal or in the water, ever, ever, ever, ever. Really?

Well between July and August of 2004 in Arusha, Tanzania, at least 16,000 Pink Flamingos were poisoned due to neurotoxins in blue-green algae in Lake Manyara. Direct correlation between the toxins and the bird’s deaths were found not only in the water, but in the animal’s carcasses and their droppings as well. Hmm the toxins can be found in a 6 pound Flamingo but not a 500 pound Elk?

Alert! Unusual anomaly also found in news video footage:

Something very interesting was seen in the released news video, a crop circle like pattern off in the distance.


(Picture courtesy KRQU via YouTube screen grab.)


(Picture courtesy KRQU via YouTube screen grab.)

Numerous attempts were made to contact the rancher asking permission to go on his land, but access was denied. If I had the opportunity to visit the site, I would have checked radiation levels, EMF (electro-magnetic-field) levels, I would have taken infra-red photos of the area, taken water and soil samples from the location the elk were found and also investigated the unusual anomaly circle shown on the news footage.

Circular ground depressions have been seen at many of the animal mutilation cases I’ve investigated. When depressions are visible, I take soil samples inside the depression and outside the depression then ship them off to a lab. They run a complete soil nutrient analysis on both samples in which I compare the results. Every case where depressions were visible, the CEC’s or Cation-Exchange Capacity were altered in the ground depression compared to the test site. The soil is less soluble, in other words the nutrients have been altered. I’ve seen these results not only in Colorado soil, but Missouri and Georgia soil as well. This tells me the lab results are not dependent on sandy soil like Colorado or clay soil like Missouri or Georgia, but have similar results regardless of location!


Unusual circular ground depression, Crested Butte, Colorado.


 Unusual circular ground depression, Trinidad, Colorado.


 Unusual circular ground depression, San Luis, Colorado.

The San Luis case pictured above, the animal was laying in the middle of the ground depression and a bear purposely drug it out of the depression before it started eating the carcass. I’ve seen this one other time before in Missouri where cattle refused to cross a ground depression where a cow was mutilated. Sometimes animals react to these strange ground anomalies.

Are UFOs responsible for these animal deaths?

Eye witness testimonies claim strange lights have been seen in the mutilation area.  Actual craft have also been seen maneuvering like no known aircraft we know of. One case out of Washington which was reported by my colleague Ruben Uriarte in this episode, eye witnesses saw a craft actually lift an animal and fly away! A witness I talked with here in Colorado, saw the same thing near the San Luis area. Then sometimes the infamous Black Helicopters show up afterwards and take a look around.

Since 1967 an estimated 10,000 strange animal deaths have occurred across the US and every case law-enforcement has investigated, no human evidence has ever been found. No one caught, tried, and convicted. This is the largest Animal Cruelty Case in American history, yet some people seem to shun and laugh at it.

Well the ranchers aren’t laughing.

I’d like to thank the Science Channel for giving me the opportunity to “chime-in” on this particular episode. Some critics don’t think The Unexplained Files show is properly suited for the Science Channel, but I disagree. Science is changing all the time, and some science as we know it is definitely unexplainable, like the Elk deaths mentioned above.

So… “The Unexplained Files” is where Science Fiction meets, Science Fact!

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