UFO Sighting in Newtown, Pennsylvania on July 29th 2014 – Observed a very large silver/metallic object in sky. Night sky was nubilus, but craft apparently came to rest beneath the clouds considering the brilliant , clearly visible luminosity it projected.

Although I am hesitant to say with certainty that it was a UFO, I can attest to the fact that I have yet to see an aircraft – passenger, corporate or military – that looked anything like the object I witnessed tonight. The very large size and bright light radiating from this object gave me the impression that it was an extraordinary air transport vehicle, to be sure.

My son had just come home after eating at a local restaurant with friends — it was approximately 11:11 pm (July 29, 2014; Tuesday). Once inside he urged me to go outside to our front lawn and to look high above the fields approximately �� to one mile southwest.

I dashed out to the front lawn of our home and searched the dark, nubilus sky. Indeed, the spectacle above could hardly go unnoticed, not with the long, radiant spears of light projecting from the craft���s entire circumference, giving it a classic ���star��� shape. I did not count the number of star-like projectiles surrounding the craft. The whole object appeared silver or chrome-colored.

The UFO remained stationary. I did not see any airplanes in the sky during the ten seconds or so that I observed this spectacle. Witnessing yet another UFO-type occurrence in Bucks County left me awestruck and anxious to summon both of my sons so that we could later compare our individual observations of the event and perhaps take photos.

My older son wasted no time. My other son was in the bathroom and told me he would be outside to join us in a minute. By the time my older son and I made our hasty retreat from the house to the same spot on the front lawn where I had stood only several seconds earlier, the space machine had vanished. My son and I scanned the skies hoping to find its new spot in the heavens but we were unable to locate it in any overhead direction.

Approximately one minute or so later what looked to be a commercial passenger plane flew overhead, destined most likely for the Mercer County (NJ) airport, about 20 miles east of Newtown, Bucks County (Pa.), which is in or near the area where this star-shaped craft was seen in the sky. The aforementioned airplane flying in such proximity to the location where this “foreign” craft had been a minute or more earlier did not seem odd or coincidental to me, since airplanes routinely use those designated fly/sky lanes enroute to or departing the Airport.

Footnote: Bucks County, incidentally, as you know, is no stranger to astral interlopers. Approx. five or six years ago my daughter and I saw the now ���infamous��� orange-colored crafts in the western sky above Bucks County Community College or thereabouts. These ���softly pointed��� triangular shaped craft traveled in a trio and seemed intent on perfecting their formation in the skies before literally and instantaneously disappearing to a destination we could not see. Like the spaceships or flying saucers depicted in comic strips, I imagined a bubble containing the word, ���POOF!��� because surely no other word could describe the three orange crafts supersonic, extraordinary speed during their departure. But that���s another report for another day���.

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