Black Triangle Sighting in Cape May, New Jersey on July 30th 2014 – Three white lights in triangular formation moving rapidly SW to NE with slight rotation before end of sighting in Cape May NJ

At ~9:30pm EST, two friends and myself were on the second floor deck enjoying an after dinner cigar discussing the days events and looking at the stars and occasional airplane. I was positioned facing SE, one other was facing NW, and the final witness was facing SW. We witnessed a helicopter head up the coast (NE) and about 15 minutes later the helicopter retraced its previous course(SW). Two of us are aviation followers and were discussing the planes flying over, as well as the helicopter.

I had just finished watching the helicopter disappear and at 9:47pm(+/- 1 minute) I spotted three faint white (almost amber like) lights in a triangular formation coming from the direction where the helicopter was last seen, SW of our location, out over the water. The lights were moving very fast in formation to the NE, up the coast of Cape May over the ocean. The lights were ~20 degrees above the horizon. We could not determine the size or distance from us, but we estimate the speed at 800 to 1000 mph based on other aircraft that were in the area.

About 8 seconds after initial sighting the craft was lost in the light pollution and appeared to perform a slight rotation. It was that quick, no time for cameras or anything else to document.

Needless to say we were quite amazed at what we had just witnessed and kept recounting the sighting and trying to determine what they could have been by ruling out all possibilities. As we watched other aircraft traversing the area, we were still amazed at the speed at which the lights moved.

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