Black Triangle Sighting in Daleville,Ft Rucker, Alabama on July 31st 2014 – Hoverd moved fast and changed direction fast

This is twice I’ve seen this object first time it hovered over my car with a bright beam on my car scared me and a friend and never spoke of it until I saw it again last night,but I live next to Ft Rucker military base which trains soldiers to fly apatchi helicopters and kinds of helicopter,but this time the UFO was following the helicopter and then another helicopter came after the UFO that’s was following the other helicopter which was a student helicopter , the helicopter that came was attack helicopter known a an apachi sorry I spelled it wrong,and then the UFO and the apachi kinda danced a little I guess u could say went round each other then the UFO took off , I know it was the same thing I was ten yrs ago that hovered my car but I was afraid to say anything but know I’ve seen it twice I know I’m not crazy , which Ft Rucker will deny it but it happend

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