UFO Sighting in Bismarck, North Dakota on April 6th 2011 – i had seen a ufo that droped a vessel onto the serface of the earth and did so with a particle light type thing and flew away

i was driving north from bismarck n d on hwy 83 on route to minot about 4 miles out of bismarck i looked to the east and i seen what seemed to be a airplane way to low i thought it was going to crash since i knew the airport was on the south side of the city it was to low to make it that far it looked like it was moving north to south anyway the more i looked at it the craft was flying east to west i was looking for lights and nothing was there so i started looking for a nose and a tail and nothing was there then i seen it up close it was awsome 170 feet in the air one quarter mile away bright gold color i examened it on each end was what i call fish lips it had 7 huge windows in front 4 on the left then a space and 3 on the right the fishlips seemed to devide top and bottom the windows full top and bottom it then deployed a vessel using a particle light on to the serface of the earth and flew away i then seen the tail it had 20 foot tail wings that were like a v shape the vessel was a round shape i could only see the bottom half it conneced by a green gassie ring that connected it to the eleavator light it dropped a 4000 lb vessel at a rate of 10 feet per seconed very slow the vessel wasw orange it had deffiniton on the bottom black spots i belive it was put into water and i think its still here today gathering information it may have killed fish in said water after it dropped the vessel it turned and flew back east

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