UFO Sighting in Cayce, South Carolina on June 1st 2014 – this object rotated slowly in a basic direction gaining and losing altitude through columbia international airport airspace and then some. .

Me, my mother and stepfather were sitting on the deck out back by the pool. My stepfather was looking west for birds when he noticed this object and said to us, what’s that? A balloon? Quickly realizing it’s not following the wind heading east. He grabbed the binoculars as my mother and I found it. This is where the video starts. It was just enough to focus in with your bare eyes. It was shaped like a barrel, overblown to the point of bowing. The “wooden slats” now spaced apart from the bowing appeared to be a metal, greyish in color. With at least two, possibly three horizontal straps made of the same metal. The interior if you will was close to a deflated football tight against the straps but wrinkled from being half flat. From what we could see through the binoculars it had roughly the same texture as the football. My stepfather and I both agree we “seemed to see” a teardrop tip on top. It was hovering and rotating, gaining and losing altitude, slowly heading north northwest starting out where we perceived the Columbia international airport is, if not over it, definitely in their direct airspace with at least one commercial airplane taking off not but a half mile or so away. Unfortunately the plane didn’t make the video. We watched it for 15 minutes with no new surprises until it was too small to see where we perceived to be Lake Murray.

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