UFO Sighting in Costa Mesa, California on July 21st 2014 – I saw giant neon-green blob in sky. Friend, facing me, said I was lighted up with greenish light, toe to head, then disappeared.

My friend and I were in her back yard in Costa Mesa CA on July 21, 2014. She is close to the Orange County airport and we’re used to planes and airport traffic. It was one of the clearest nights I can remember in SoCal. So many bright stars and planets and they seemed to be forming shapes….V’s, squares, rectangles, triangles…very unusual but visible alignments. I was facing the SE and she was facing me. Out of nowhere, I saw a giant, neon-green blob appear in the sky for a few seconds and I can only describe it as like a blob of paint. It floated for a few seconds and disappeared behind some trees. There wasn’t much movement or distance between its appearing and then disappearing. It was slow, fluid movement like a blob of paint. I jumped and said – did you see that?
She turned quickly, but it was gone. However, she was looking in my direction and what she saw was a greenish-yellow light that completely lit me up. It started at my feet and went up, lighting up me and the metal BBQ grill behind me and disappeared. I did not see a light with the green blob. We both have lived in that area for many years and are used to airport traffic, but nothing lights up a person or the sky like that, not even a police heli with a spotlight. There was no sound.

Earlier in the evening (around 6:00), I observed two white, small objects floating high in the sky. They were small and slowly floated across half of the sky at the same speed and keeping the same distance between them until they disappeared in the clouds. I would have said it was mylar balloons, but they traveled quite a distance in the sky, same speed and same distance between and that seemed odd.

I am a believer in UFO’s and unknown beings/things, but my friend is not. She is now fairly freaked out because of what we saw. It’s interesting to watch when a logical person sees something that can’t be explained with logic.

Another friend had seen an article and picture about a UFO harvesting energy from the sun and she found the article again after I told them about the event. The picture was from SOHO and it showed the exact neon green color that I saw. The harvesting energy picture was also from July 21.

I don’t know if I saw a blob of the energy they were harvesting or what, but it was not something from our earthly technology.

I’m happy to answer any questions. LOVE the Hangar 1, UFO Files on H2.
Linda Blackburn

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