UFO Sighting in Pipe Creek, Texas on August 2nd 2014 – Long, thin, yellow with black detail or windows on the top half.

My husband and I were sitting in the back yard so that I could smoke an after brunch cigarette and facing the SE. Dragonflies and butterflies, among other bugs and birds were flying around. I love watching them all so I try to catch every movement. In front of me but at a good long distance away, a movement caught my eye and I watched it zip from my right to left a short distance and disappear all within three seconds. As it faded, there were some leaves and limbs in the path of my view from a certain point and the object was never seen through it nor from the other side of it. The edges were somewhat blurry like a heat signature but the color and details were clearer than I would have expected. It was about two inches long by 1/4 inch wide, yellow like a bee with black detail or windows, maybe both, on the top half. I only saw it for 3 seconds and still can’t believe how much I saw since I can’t even see the details on a dragonfly flying by but I can see it’s shape and wings. After it registered in my head that it was not a normal object I told my husband what I saw and we discussed it. I didn’t want to report it but then decided if there was a similar report that I would report it. Doing a search in the data base for a cigar, gold to copper, the first person revealed seems to have seen a similar object just a couple of weeks ago so here I am.

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